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The Last Show You'll Ever See





“The Last Show You'll Ever See is a strange, beautiful, and funny meditation on the idea of extinction. Get into it.”
-- Stacy Riger, Willamette Week


“Foster's a fool, in the grand old sense of someone who approaches truth by smashing convention and cloaking her transgression with a laugh.”
-- Bob Hicks, The Oregonian


This is loony and it’s FUN. And, hey, there’s no time like the present to explore the APOCALYPSE.

 -- Liz Nicholls, The Edmonton Journal


I’m not always sold on CLOWNS, but Foster’s clowning is creative, expressive, and, most importantly, meaningful.

-- The Marble, Victoria


The Last Show You'll Ever See is a fast-paced, clownesque trombone concert interrupted by the end of the world. Offbeat humor and virtuosic pantomime ensue as our intrepid trombonist encounters, discovers, and causes scenarios of impending doom. Dinosaurs perish. Empires collapse. Horsemen melt in fiery lakes. The trombone plays on …



In The Last Show You’ll Ever See, an original show created by Sarah Liane Foster, physical comedy, classical trombone, verbal acrobatics, and doomsday-ism collide in a surprising, touching, and extremely funny theatrical clown show. Many years in recent history have contained multiple dates predicted by someone to be the end of the world; this hour-long show contains 23 possible apocalyptic scenarios. Foster created the show with coaching by Giovanni Fusetti (founder of the Helikos International School of Theatre Creation in Florence, Italy), artistic collaborati­­­on from a crack team of clowns called the Geniuses, direction by Elizabeth Baron, and input from numerous audiences. This apocalyptic, bizarrely intellectual, hilarious show is funniest for viewers aged 10 and older.

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