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Roving Performance


Sarah has roved far and wide, performing in fairs, festivals, and carnivals, in parades and at picnics, at all kinds of venues from schools to circus tents, from conventions to retirement homes ... ...


Her super fun, interactive strolling entertainment skills include stilts, jumping stilts, clown, mime, mask characters, custom event-specific characters, juggling, trombone serenades, ukulele ditties, games and workshops, and much more. Some characters pictured below. Inquire for others! 


For info & bookings, contact Sarah here.

"Your presence was literally the higlight of the evening" -- an event organizer


"Everyone loved seeing you walk around and engage with them - you are incredible" -- a Seattle Public School teacher


"We couldn't have asked for a better performer to work with" -- a credit union marketing director


the steampunk aviator


the purple hatter



Sarah Liane Foster as Giraffe on Stilts
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