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Sarah Liane Foster taught movement theatre for four years in Italy, where she was part of the core teaching team at Giovanni' Fusetti's school, the Helikos International School of Theatre Creation in Florence, Italy. She has also taught for many years in the Pacific Northwest as a teaching artist in public and private schools, grades K-12. Now based in Seattle, Sarah teaches people of all ages through residencies and workshops.


She specializes in teaching movement- and play-based theatre, including ensemble theatre, red nose clown, physical comedy, movement for actors, mask, and circus skills. Her teaching places a strong emphasis on true presence and connection with the body, the space, and the audience; and devising new material through play. As a teaching artist in the schools, Sarah's work incorporates  21st Century Skills and Habits of Mind.


A graduate of the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, Sarah went on to study movement theatre pedagogy with Giovanni Fusetti, is a graduate of the WA State Teaching Artist Training Lab, and continues to learn more every day from her students and the world.



“Sarah is a highly inspired and inspiring teacher. Her remarkable experience in the pedagogy of movement based theatre creates a powerful teaching field, in which she blends technical rigor, playfullness and poetic talent, making students feel inspired, provoked and supported at the same time. Her joy of teaching is contagious: to learn from her and with her is a rare opportunity”
 -- Giovanni Fusetti

"Sarah creates a safe space to play. Being in her workshop I felt really nurtured and inspired, and I loved how she was able to guide instead of direct. She has a masterful understanding of the theatrical craft, and spending time in her workshop was one of the greatest creative joys I have had in a long time. There are not very many people who are fluent in the subtle language of physical theater; Sarah is one of the best."

 -- Caelan Huntress


"This was one of my most fun, mind-bending weekends ever. Sarah makes the room safe, warm, and crackling with energy not to mention laughter. Everyone, from any walk of life, can benefit from this."

 -- Gretchen Corbett


"Sarah Liane Foster I am honored to say was one of my superb teachers for 3 Years at Helikos in Florence Italy. She had a great way of bringing curiosity and self discovery into her always energtic playful lessons. With an exquisite eye for rhythm and detail in her one-on-one coaching and critic, but yet she seemed always and with ease to allow the individul to learn from where they are not where a group averge might be.  Great skills and a knack at knowing what is best for a class to excel forward in understanding a concept.  I suppose the one thing that shines brightest in her book of attributes is her ways of uniting and invigorating a group or ensemble which is priceless in performance work." 
 -- Casey James  Mulderig


"So, you wanna be a clown? Sarah Liane Foster has the skills to teach you about your inner clown. She starts with the body, reminding you to breathe, and you learn to exaggerate the little parts of yourself that maybe only you thought were funny. She teaches you to be yourself, be in yourself, and to explore the parts of yourself that contain your clown: your own unique expression of all facets of yourself, the face you face the world with, the nose that knows more than you ever knew."

 -- Matt Deegan



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