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Sarah Liane Foster is a performer, teacher and creator of movement theatre, based in Seattle, WA. 


​She has a passion for telling stories through theatre that directly engages audiences, uses movement as a fundamental language, and is funny and/or moving because it touches on essential human truth.


Sarah has considerable experience devising and performing original theatre shows, and has played in 9 countries and 31 US states to date. Click here to read more about Sarah’s shows.


Dedicated to the craft of theatre pedagogy, Sarah has taught and coached students of a wide range of ages, cultures, and language backgrounds. After studying Lecoq-based movement theatre pedagogy with Giovanni Fusetti, she spent several years on the faculty of his movement theatre school, The Helikos International School of Theatre Creation, in Florence, Italy. Sarah teaches experiential, movement-based theatre and circus residencies in schools and camps and teaches clown and physical theatre classes workshops for adults. Click here to read more about Sarah’s teaching.


Sarah also performs independently around the Northwest as an actor, clown, and stilt walker. For more about her roving entertainment skills, click here.

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