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Cecelia Frye and Sarah Liane Foster don proverbial helmets & dive into the wild, poetic world of Science to bring you a very funny show on June 3 & 4, 2017, entitled ‘Gravity: Is it True?’

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Dear Friend,

Happy March to you! May this spring be full of laughter, insight, and delight.


In 2017, we, Cecelia Frye and Sarah Liane Foster, are coming together as Foster & Frye to create and perform a clown show.

The show, entitled Gravity: Is it True? will be the tale of two friends who accidentally drive off a cliff. As they fall through the air (for most of the show), they come face to face with huge forces beyond their control, like physics! Intended for all ages, the show will open at the Slate Theater in Seattle and later tour to schools.

We are writing today to ask you for help to make this show!

Why a clown show: Through our experience performing around the world, we have seen that clown shows are powerful things. Clowns, as eccentric “others,” are able to incite laughter about human truth in a way that other kinds of characters cannot. We feel that our world needs good clowns more than ever, to provoke feelings of togetherness, excitement, aliveness, intrigue, and joy ...

Why we need your help: Original, relevant shows take a lot of time and resources to make. Our show will be funded in part by a CityArtist Project Grant awarded to Sarah by the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and in part by ticket sales. We are asking you for help to cover the remainder.

Our goal is $2000. Can you make a donation to help us start this auspicious partnership and create joy-making, thought-provoking theatre? $25 pays for an hour of our amazing director’s time ... $50 buys an astronaut costume ... $500 rents 2 nights of a theatre space ... $2000 means we are done fund-raising and can focus our hours on making a great show!

Any amount is very helpful and much appreciated! Donations are tax deductible through the Nomadic Theatre Co (the company Sarah is part of in Portland, Oregon). You can donate online, or send checks to Nomadic care of Sarah (email Sarah for address).

Thank you for reading! We appreciate you.


With love and laughter,

Sarah and Cecelia (Foster & Frye)

Foster & Frye perform Gravity: Is it True? on Saturday, 6/3 and Sunday, 6/4 at the Slate Theater in Seattle. Details and photos at
Follow us on facebook at

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