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don proverbial helmets & dive into the wild, poetic world of Science to bring you an odd, amazing, and quite funny show, entitled:

Gravity: Is it True?

Two friends accidentally plummet off a precipice while out for a drive in the country ...

"the 50 minutes will fly by, and you will be left wishing for more gut busting laughter. This show is one to be experienced by all." -- Shawnee Smith, Drama in the Hood

The best clowns make hilarity happen by being naively, vulnerably, real. In this tradition, "Gravity: Is It True?" unites three such artists in an exciting collaboration to bring you an opportunity to laugh deeply at some of what is most difficult about being human. Foster & Frye, with their director Jane Nichols, spin a rich tapestry of virtuosic movement, character-based comedy, and unexpected turns into deep meaning, absurdity, and delight.

Audience Reviews:
"Absolutely magical."

"I couldn't stop smiling in awe."
"Couldn't stop laughing. And the ending is truly inspired!!!!!"

Length: 50 minutes (abbreviated versions available)

Appropriate for: Ages 5 and up.

Contact: sarahlianefoster (at)

Video Teaser:

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