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Buckaw!: a tragicomical, ornithological variety show


Buckaw! delves into the poignant comedy, science, and mythology of chickens through slapstick, mime, mask play, and music! Six characters, 3 human and 3 fowl, all played by Sarah Liane Foster, present an amazing and wacky series of chicken-themed acts. Audiences of all ages are drawn in as a chicken plays a ukulele, audience members themselves become bird scientists, a baby chick hatches out of a gigantic egg, and all culminates in a dramatic chase between a chicken and our zany ornithologist MC.


Audiences have said ...


"A delightful program."

"The kids and adults were all laughing!"

"A hilarious one-woman show.  It will surely tickle your funny bone.”

                     --Janet Weber, Youth Services Librarian, Tigard Public Library


Click here to download a press release.

Click here, here, and here for hi-res photos.

Click here for Buckaw's bibliography.


Email Sarah to book Buckaw! at your library, school, or event!

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