Funny Friends:

Clowning for Elders in Memory Care

Trained in comedy, improvisation, music, and circus skills, and with years of experience working with vulnerable populations, Funny Friends bring humorous, connecting performances and visits to memory care settings.


Research shows that humor therapy is beneficial for individuals with dementia, reducing agitation, and encouraging connection and communication.


Our weekly program partners with organizations that serve memory care patients to provide consistent visits from Funny Friends, who become a familiar, ridiculous presence: something to look forward to each week.


Funny Friends are also available for single visits/ performances on events or special occasions.


Funny Friends incorporate physical comedy, music, pantomime, and juggling into their visits, but their main tools are listening and improvisation. Our main goals are to respect and honor each person for who they are right now, and to provide social and mental stimulation through playful connection.


To learn more about Funny Friends, or to bring Funny Friends to you, contact Sarah.